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Do I need a Fictionary?

Yes! Feedback from our users certainly says so. When all other factors are equal and a reader is given the choice between a book with a Fictionary or one without - Fictionaries can make the difference.

The best part?

We are currently offering to make your Fictionary for FREE if you distribute on our website!

We are dedicated to changing how e-books are read and to helping authors reach their readers and will feature your Fictionary prominently and use cover art you provide. All you have to do is submit terms and definitions to us in a format we provide and we will do the rest.

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Additionally we have created a series of services surrounding Fictionaries:

Advanced Fictionary Creation

Fictionaries with images!

We will include images and maps to create a rich Fictionary! The images will be provided by you and inserted as you designate. On some devices images and maps will display in a popup, in others when entry is fully viewed.

Book Analysis

Jump start your Fictionary!

We will analyze your book and return to you a categorized list of terms that may benefit from being defined in a Fictionary. We will also make a rough attempt at mapping titles and name variants back to the actual character name. This service can also be a benefit to the editing process! Customers have reported discovering character anomalies or fictional term typographic errors that went undiscovered and were sometimes even published!

Wiki creation

Instant web presence!

We will make you a wiki on or a file ready to put in the public/private wiki of your choice! We do not administer the wiki but it is ready to "move in". You normally have to wait for that one special reader who is knowledgeable and motivated enough to create a wiki and a fan base to support it. Your wiki will be created from accurate information you provide. If a wiki is not built on a good foundation it can grow to be inconsistent and full of bad practices - we start you out right!