Do Fictionaries work on _____?

Fictionaries currently work on e-ink Kindle devices,Kindle iOS apps (iPad/iPhone), and any software that can use the StarDict format such as the FBReader and Moon+ Reader Android Apps (requires ColorDict). Amazon has not made it possible to change to a custom dictionary within the Android Kindle app, Kindle Fire or Kindle for PC. I believe this capability will be added in the future. Other e-reader such as the Nook do not allow easy switching to custom dictionaries either and store the dictionaries in a database format instead of an easier to create ebook format.

Why does this Fictionary seem inaccurate or incomplete?

I am not responsible for the content. They are either community driven or provided by the author and for the most part done pretty well. In the case of wiki content the older the revisions I use to exclude newer books the more likely the wiki was still growing.

Why don’t you have Fictionaries for all books in a series?

I use revisions to go back in time to before books were published in a series. If a wiki isn’t older than the publication of the book can not get information that is guaranteed to be spoiler free for that book.

Why isn’t there a fictionary for ________?

I create the Fictionaries as i get to them. I generally start with books I am reading or that have been requested. If the wiki content exists, send me a request and I will try my best to get it posted up here.

How do Fictionaries work?

Details on how Fictionaries work can be found on our Home Page.

How do I install my Fictionary?

Installation instructions are here

For Authors

How do I get a Fictionary for my book/How much does it cost?

We are currently offering to make Fictionaries for any book free of charge if you distribute it through thefictionary.net. We have a list of additional services surrounding Fictionaries – see more details here on how to get started.

Will I own my Fictionary?

The Fictionary will be your intellectual property and copyrighted to you. If you want to distribute the Fictionary outside of theFictionary.net there will be a charge for the creation of the Fictionary.

Can I choose the cover art for my Fictionary?

The Fictionary cover art and the the cover displayed on the site will be one you submit.

There are many detailed questions surrounding Fictionaries - some questions can answered here but others are to complex - please contact us with any questions and on how to get started!